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Hand-built bicycle wheels

Custom wheel building and training

What we offer

Wheel building courses

Learn how to build and repair strong and durable bicycle wheels using proven techniques. One intensive hands-on day takes you through the entire wheel building process, from component selection to completion of standard wire-spoked bicycle wheels. You gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to build, repair or optimise your own wheels. No experience in wheel building needed, and also suitable as a refresher to build your confidence.
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Custom wheel building

Invest in custom hand built wheels which are tailored to your requirements and budget. We build custom wheels whatever your intended use; road, mountain, gravel, CX, touring, unicycle, etc. Jobs like rim and spoke replacement are also carried out.
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Why choose Cambridge Wheel Building

We understand that good wheel build  technique is the most important factor in achieving dependable wheels. 

We have a successful track record teaching intensive face-to-face wheel building courses in Cambridge for over 20 years. 

We recognise that face-to-face courses with expert support are the best way to turn any mistakes into valuable learning experiences. This is something you just don't get from polished online videos.

We are happy to give you wheel building advice well beyond your attendance on a course.

We engage with you throughout the wheel build process. You get personalised expert advice on choosing the best components for your specific wheel build project.

You can bring and work on your own wheels or components during our training courses. There is no obligation to buy or source anything from us.

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