Cambridge bicycle wheel building workshops Running in Cambridge since 1998

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Wheel Building 2

Students truing wheels

This is a practical all-day workshop which refreshes and extends your wheel building skills and experience.

Experience required: This workshop assumes that you have already learnt wheel building on a training course or that you have suitable equivalent experience. Complete beginners should book Wheel Building 1 instead.

The day is aimed at those who already have some wheel building experience who want to refresh and extend their skills and knowledge further. The underlying theory is explained where necessary, based on the standard textbook, The Bicycle Wheel by Jobst Brandt.

This workshop refreshes the basic skills and theory covered in Wheel Building 1, then extends your skills and knowledge by teaching you additional lacing and tensioning techniques. As well as giving you a lot more practice in assembly/truing you will learn how to tackle a wider range of wheel building scenarios and challenges.

Places are restricted to eight students per workshop to ensure that everyone gets the assistance they need in a small intimate group. Apart from being prepared to get your hands dirty, you should anticipate having a satisfying and enjoyable day, by the end of which you will have sufficient knowledge and skill to build reliable wheels in various configurations.

Topics covered

Learning objectives

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

“Practical content was good; theory kept to a minimum”

“Methodical approach, emphasis on the key points”